Small Craft Room, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, NS.

Elizabet's short stories, non-fiction, fiction and poetry have been published in the literary section of the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, and in literary magazines. She has received awards for poetry at the Maine State Writers Conference, the Sackville Library in Nova Scotia, and in Ontario. A poem "Note to Ex-Husband" was published in the 2013 Global Poetry Anthology (one of 50 chosen from the Montreal International Poetry Contest). Other poems have been published in The Fiddlehead, The Antigonish Review, Window Fishing (the night we caught Beatlemania), Nashwaak Review, and Dalhousie Review.

Elizabeth is currently working on a poetry collection, "Blue Forensics: a case of heartbreak," and a novel "A Room Full of Elephants."

In fiction and poetry, the theme usually is "betrayal" in some form or another. In Blue Forensics, betrayal, not just in romance, but in family and friendships, is explored and found hidden just about everywhere.

In "A Room Full of Elephants," there is an element of betrayal, but it is also about an older woman trying to survive in her Nova Scotia world, then in China, and generally in a world where visibility fades the older you get.

Her children's book Pamela Pollock's Perilous Adventure and how she found the Bluenose ​was launched in Halifax at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in June, 2015. 

It's about a fish, Pamela Pollock, who lives in Pork and Cheese Cove, Nova Scotia. On a dare from her friends she swims too far out in the deep dark water of the Atlantic Ocean. She gets caught in the current and ends up in Bermuda.  She wants desperately to go home but doesn't know the way until she sees a boat like one Old Joshua, the lobster, has told her about. The Bluenose.  When it leaves Hamilton Harbour, she follows and as the water turns from warm to cold she is certain she is on her way home.

The Book was illustrated by Sackville artist, Robert Lyon, and co-published with Glen Margaret Publishing, Nova Scotia.

Dr. Porter Scobey

Small Craft Room, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Robert Lyons, Illustrator, Sackville, N.B.

Sandra D. and Lionel Dann

Richard Rogers, Glen Margaret Publishing

At the launch: Mary Wilcox, Frank Cmeron, granddaughter, Lauren, and daughter, Caitlin