First printed in the Montreal International Poetry Prize Global Poetry Anthology, 2013

From the collection:  Blue Forensics: a case of       heartbreak

Note to Ex-Husband

That old jacket (the one with just the right slouch)
has been found
in clothes for the Sally Ann
by mistake. You called several times.

I picked the pockets long ago;
found nothing but the gritty lint of bad times
not one pinched penny,
no rumpled hankie softened by my tears,
or hardened by the snot of your anger.

No ticket stubs for puny promises;
no endless lists for domestic harmony,
and that pen you lost,
which produced a sulk lasting long as winter,
heavy as wet snow,
it isn't there.

The jacket that wore you
smells like a stale Christmas tree
shed of its light
makes a handy gift
from the heartless to the homeless.

First printed in the Global Poetry Anthology, 2013, the Montreal International Poetry Prize.